Saturday, July 3, 2010

This is another Item I picked up on Ebay. It is the Republic of Ireland Jersey from Italia 90. The difference with this one is that it does not have the sponsor on the front, so it is just like the player issue jerseys

It has the  Number 8 on its back. I cannot remember if John Aldridge or Andy Townsend wore this number, any suggestions would be helpful.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

This is an item given to me by my Father. It was given to him by his Father and it was given to him by his Father. If you got all that then well done to you. It is my great Grandfathers Sach/belt from his service in the Second Boer War. I am not entirely sure what this item actually is but I do know it is old. Any suggestions would be greatfull. I do not know alot about this Patrick Doyle except he hails from Wexford and moved to Dublin where he had his family.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Premium Format Statues

I collect movie figures, Some of my favourites are Boba Fett and Indiana Jones I got them from Sideshow Collectables. I will show you more of these later in the blog

Bear In The Big Blue House

Last Christmas Whilst Looking for Bear Items for the kids, I found this item on Ebay. I knew from previous searches that It was rare to find one unopened and in its box. I bought it and did not give it to the kids, instead I bought one that had no box and came very cheap. These have already increased in price.

Lets Get Started

As a collector of many things myself,I know what it is to be totally driven to get that one thing that eludes you. I also know the feeling you get when you finally get that piece or item you have wanted for so long. I love collecting and realise how diverse collections(and Collectors) can be. I would love for like minded people to get together and share what they collect and what their most treasured item is. Our Kids are a given so please dont send in pics of kids and stuff like that.

Thanks Barry.